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cheersbrian 50 ans

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Je souhaite rencontrer une femme de 45 à 89 ans

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 I am looking for someone who is happy in their own skin, that is not embarrassed to stomp in mud puddles and sees the glass half full. Other qualities of which I'm fond: senses of humor & adventure (love a woman that can be a little goofy) assertiveness, intelligence, imagination, creativity, passion, romance, affection (i think it's funny some guys don't like pdaI think to myself "WHY!!!" the touch of a woman is AWESOME just saying open-mindedness, etc. So if you have a nice mixture of some or all of these qualities in the woman that is you, drop me a line. 

Langues étrangères parlées

en Notions


50 ans



Ma commune

New York

Ma taille

170 cm

Mon poids

101 kg

Mes yeux


Mes cheveux


Ma profession

Employé de la fonction publique

Niveau d’études

BAC + 2

Ma religion

Mes loisirs

Cinema, parc, voyager

Mes traits de personnalité

Sérieux, gentil, romantique, honnête

J’aime ces genres de musique

Pop-rock, classique, hip hop

Je lis habituellement

Journaux, magazines

Ma cuisine favorite

Française, italienne, mexicaine

J’aime ces activités physiques

Football, nager, basketball

Statut matrimonial




cheersbrian 50 ans New York Etats-Unis

Un peu plus sur moi

 I am someone who is thoughtful,passionate, loving,faithful,sweet,open about my feelings and what is on my mind for discussion,respectful,affectionate,giving,strong personality,knows what I want out of life and goes out to get it.I am caring, optimistic and want to treat my woman very special and make her feel safe and protected.I would very much like to create a beautiful and healthy family with love,happiness and respect.I am someone who likes to live a healthy and happy life and enjoy everything the world has to offer and share this with someone special. 

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